🦋As my blog marked its 10-year milestone in 2019 I thought it would be a good time to completely review my many trips across Europe & North America. While doing so and looking over numerous unpublished images I found that one area, in particular, required closer inspection.
During my travels to different parts of the world, including the US, Canada, Spain, France, Croatia, and Hungary, I have mainly focused on birdwatching. However, I have also been fortunate enough to observe and photograph various species of butterflies and Odonata. Unfortunately, I have found it challenging to keep track of these fascinating insects.

After conducting a thorough review, I have created a personal database of my butterfly listings. Additionally, I can share some of the images not included in the original blog posts. 

Naturally, if I'm lucky enough to identify new species already in my files, or additions to my life list these too will be updated on the database. LAST UPDATED: December 2023 ~ Spain visits!

LATEST ADDITIONS FOR 2023: Desert Orange Tip (LIFER!)


        Desert Orange Tip (Colotis evagore)                              ~ Zapata, Spain  02/11/2023

LIFER!! +Desert Orange-tip Zapata Spain 2nd November 2023

LIFER!! Panoptes Blue ~ Sierra de Loja, Spain 28th April 2023

⇩...DATABASE AS OF 2022... ⇩

Berger's Clouded Yellow ~ Hungary 30th April 2022

Western Dappled White ~ This one was taken on 29th April 2023 ~ Mijas Spain

Spanish Marbled White ~ Sierra de Loja, Granada Spain ~ 25th May 2022

Green-underside Blue ~ Hortobay, Hungary 8th May 2022

Mallow Skipper ~ Hortobagy, Hungary 1st May 2022

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