Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Birds I Didn't See!

A foggy day!
Decided to have a well earned break from blogging over the past 8 days and thanks to those who've emailed me seeking assurances that I've not popped me clogs!!

I have been out and about in the field during my blog absence but to be honest I'm going through one of those dormant periods that us birders seem to suffer from time to time. My book of 'Birds I didn't See' as dear old Ted Jury used to say has been getting a good dust off of late. The returning wintering Bitterns at Brandon have eluded me thus far too and several times I've entered hides to be told 'It's just flown off '. The most recent was on Saturday when the wife and I entered big hide just seconds after it's departure.

It all reminds me of last year when meeting George Wootton (a regular Brandon photographer) at the gate on my departure I informed him there wasn't much about, only for George to open the hatch at Baldwin Hide some time later to find a Great White Egret peering at him from point blank range!! The evidence can be found on the front cover of last years Brandon Annual Report.

This mornings visit to Brandon too was a complete blank. I left the marina about 7am on a beautiful clear and crisp morning, Venus shinning brightly to the East, full of beans and hoping to catch a glimpse of yesterdays reported Short-eared Owl on Sheep Field, only for Brandon to be totally fogged in for the day.

Notwithstanding, I've managed everything you'd expect to see in and around the area as we fast approach Winter, Redwing, Lesser Redpoll, Siskin and  Fieldfare a plenty and of course I should mention the recent Bearded Tit at Napton Reservoir and Great Grey Shrike on the hill. The marina too is providing some excellent spectacles currently with a major roost of Starlings dropping in each evening, this along with around 100 or so Pied Wagtail and I also noticed late this evening some 30+ Skylark coming into the adjacent field. The local Tawny Owls are quite vocal too at present and we still have regular visits from Little Owl and Barn Owl, so my cup is always half full.