Sunday, May 08, 2011

Anne Norman

Sad news of the death of Anne Norman, the wife of the Brandon Marsh Voluntary Conservation Team Chairman Paul. Anne died peacefully on Friday morning after her battle with cancer.

My prayers are with Paul and his family. For me Anne was an inspiration, a remarkable lady and when I was around her enjoying nature, and in particular the birds, we always had a good laugh, she was a complete joy to be around. For those who met Anne in passing, they would never be aware of her battle such was her positive and friendly nature. I'm just happy to have known her and very glad I gave her a big kiss and cuddle only a few days ago at Brandon Marsh, a place where she will be greatly missed! From here on when I walk the paths of Brandon the birdsong will always be a constant reminder of her presence, I’ll miss her immensely, sleep well Anne xxx