Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Canada RV Tour

With our boat sitters arriving later today It's all systems go for our departure to Canada on Thurday. On arrival in Calgary some 9 hours later the plan is to spend the remainder of the day recuperating and making the adjustment to local time, currently eight hours behind.

Our first birding location will be Inglewood Bird Sanctuary on Friday May 4th, a reserve we know very well. From here the plan is to pick up our RV on Saturday morning, take on provisions and begin our trip across country, heading for the Canadian Rockies and our first stop of Banff.
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Although our track south-west to Vancouver has various planned way-points it's highly unlikely that we'll stick to the schedule, particularly if our last RV tour in 2010 is anything to go by!

During our tour I hope to keep the blog updated at every opportunity with most RV Parks usually equipped with decent WiFi connectivity. You'll also be able to see our most recent position by clicking the link I intend to embed in each post or on the tab above labelled 'Location Canada'. You can also follow us on https://twitter.com/BoatBirder if your a twitter fan or click the link in the sidebar to join me on Facebook!

Here's to many more additions to my Birding Canada List BUBO Listing www.bubo.org