Monday, February 25, 2013

Scarce Visitor

Green-winged Teal on River Pool
No birding this weekend due to visiting family in Liverpool and you guessed it, while the cat's away! A phone call from JR on the Sunday morning alerted me to a ♂Green-winged Teal he'd discovered on River Pool at Brandon Marsh.

Naturally I was at Brandon at first light today and within minutes of entering River Pool I had him in the scope. After a short while he decided to take a nap to the back of the pool within the Willow but just before leaving around 11am another look found him showing nicely mid-water. Very grateful to the two morons who bundled into the hide just before I left totally intent on a year tick to bother about anyone else, a lesson in stealth and manners might be in order!!

A nice record shot (above) heavily cropped and in crap light but it'll do me! My last personal record was in British Columbia, Canada last May but it's nice to have another UK record. Normally these scarce visitors to Brandon tend to hang around for a few days so I'm sure the 'lenses' will soon have decent images to show.

Also worth a mention this morning during my stay: Shelduck (6), Wigeon (52), Great-crested Grebe (2), Water Rail (1), Oystercatcher (2), Yellow-legged Gull (1), Buzzard (1) and Treecreeper (1)