Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Migration Update#3

Leaving the Marina just after first light for Brandon Marsh and a quick check of the feeders turned up a half dozen of the local Tree Sparrow population, noisy lot too but always a pleasure to see! Unsurprisingly a quick scan around before heading off had no sign of any overnight arrivals. A dank and rainy day ensued with a slight easterly wind and could not have been any further from yesterdays springlike weather.

Marsh Harrier perched nicely on willow at the top reedbed!
Despite the gloom I was cheered as I turned into the reserve from Brandon Lane when there perched atop a small willow right in the centre of the top reedbed was the unmistakable sight of a Marsh Harrier. I managed to get Jim, Derek and Martin onto the bird who was still quite happily perched as we made our way down to the pools a half hour later.

After pressing play ensure the 'cogwheel' is clicked on and that resolution 720p is selected to watch in high quality HD.

Yesterdays two Avocets were still on East Marsh Pool, occasionally transiting across to Teal Pool. Although quite close in the light was pretty poor for photographs so I've posted a little video of one of the birds feeding in the rain on Teal Pool.

The rest of the visit produced no new spring arrivals until lunchtime, when a couple of Little-ringed Plover dropped onto East Marsh Pool. The only Hirundines recorded also didn't show until having lunch in East Marsh Hide with a count of sixteen Sand Martin.