Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Well Timed!

I picked a really good day to catch up with Bob and Richard for a leisurely stroll around Draycote Water this morning. It was also a good opportunity for a little lay in after a sequence of early morning visits to Brandon.

Yellow Wagtail
I arrived at Draycote just after 8 o'clock to an absolutely gorgeous morning, with clear blue sky and a very light breeze. My first birds of note were a single Oystercatcher, a couple of Yellow Wagtail along Farborough Bank and way off towards Draycote Bank an adult Little Gull over the water.

Record shot of one of today's Wheatear
I met up with Bob and Richard on their regular walk and as we continued along Farborough Bank a couple of Wheatear dropped in along the shoreline. Two Swallows over the water before Bob announced a couple of almost summer plumage Black-necked Grebes over towards Lin Croft Point (Draycote Map HERE). Sadly way too far for even a record shot but brilliantly found.

A Common Whitethroat in the bramble while heading up towards the hide was Bob's first on site this year and as we stood chatting with John, who'd arrived for a look at the Grebes a Common Sandpiper dropped in. Richard had decided to head back so Bob and I continued on to complete the circuit.

Bee-Fly - Here's one I took earlier!
Bob, who's always good company, provided me with several hilarious moments, especially while trying to photograph a couple of Bee-Flies. It always seems that when I'm with Bob his equipment malfunctions, proved a little later in the morning when a Speckled Wood butterfly took flight just as he prepared to pull the trigger, priceless!!

Other birds of note while completing the circuit were a single Yellow Wagtail along Drayocte Bank (3 for the day) and our first Lesser Whitethroat of the year, when Bob and I heard one singing towards the back of the Inlet. A thoroughly enjoyable and well timed visit!