Tuesday, February 03, 2015

White Stuff

Lots of the 'white stuff' around this morning and a little dicey on the back roads on route to Brandon Marsh! However, a Barn Owl flypast while moving gingerly along Tomlow Road was well worth the risk.

Lots of Badger and Fox paw prints around this morning.
Lots of Badger and Fox paw prints in the snow this morning and by the time Derek and I had reached the Wright Hide Nuthatch, Lesser Redpoll and Bullfinch had all been recorded. As you would imagine all the pools at Brandon are currently frozen over. That said a small open area out in the middle held four Shelduck, a half dozen Common Gull and a mixture of Gadwall, Teal, Tufted Duck and Shoveler. I'm happy to report that a Willow Tit was calling and located along the Central Marsh Path, the significance of this particular sighting is that it bodes well for the current Brandon Willow Tit Project, spearheaded by the BMVCT.

Little Egret from the Baldwin Hide.
Martin and I were delighted to come across the above Little Egret perched high in the willow to the left of Baldwin Hide when we made or way back along the Central Path. We managed to sneak past the screen and into the hide without too much effort for some photos.

A look around West Marsh and Horsetail Glade produced a calling Chiffchaff, Great spotted Woodpecker, Treecreeper, Coal Tit, Song Thrush and ♂Sparrowhawk. A couple of Mute Swans were walking precariously on the frozen pool, always a little concerned seeing this having rescued one which fell through the ice in my youth.

Mute Swan at Steetley Hide
A walk around the 'Tip' area and Farm Field produced a Fox, Green Woodpecker and Buzzard and although the birding was a little quiet it was a very pleasant morning.