Monday, May 04, 2015

Tillamook Bay Wetlands Area

After lunch in Tillamook and a brilliant mornings birding along the Bayocean Spit we set off the short distance to Bay Wetlands Area for an afternoon stroll. This is an area along a dirt road that emerges into a habitat of soft muddy ground, ponds, swamp and where the Trask River empties into Tillamook Bay.

Dee's atmospheric shot of a Belted Kingfisher
During our walk Turkey Vultures were a constant companion, quite surreal to have them circling overhead, and other raptors included two ♀Northern Harrier and a single Red-tailed Hawk, obviously nesting nearby and constantly in battle with the vultures. Brewers Blackbird and Red-winged Blackbird on route to the river and as we scanned the area Dee picked up a couple of Belted Kingfisher and judging by the noise and coming and going they were nesting close by.

American Green Tree Frog - Dee Yates
Despite some promising sunny periods, when several Damselfly and Dragonfly had begun to appear the weather began to deteriorate somewhat and so we headed back. Dee went off on one of her slight detours and as she often does came up with the goods. Otter, a pair of Wood Duck and pictured above lots of amazing American Green Tree Frog.

♀American Goldfinch - Dee Yates
A pair of American Goldfinch while heading back and it wasn't a surprise to find a Eurasian Collared Dove as we drove back along the dirt track.