Sunday, November 22, 2015

Diary Entry #1

Been considering a few ideas over the last few weeks about taking the blog forward. As my follower would know I usually post a full account of my visits to various reserves and try to post daily when I'm on a birding holiday. This inevitable causes long gaps in posting, particularly at this time of year or if its been a quiet time locally. So I've decided, as well as my full accounts, to post a short diary update if my day includes any kind of birding in the hope that the continuity of the blog will be maintained! Probably bore the pants off you but I'll give it a go!

For example today's diary entry would consist of the following: 

Spent an hour this afternoon searching for the roosting spot of our local Little Owl. This guy is now seen quite regularly, mostly at dusk perched on one of the telephone poles around the marina, no joy thus far but I've heard him calling again this evening. I really must make the effort to check the bespoke Little Owl box I installed in the adjacent field, which Lord Shuckburgh finally gave permission for last year. 

After seeing a tweet regarding five Whooper Swans at Napton Reservoir posted by @Neilduggan80 early afternoon I shot around for a look. Five minutes by car but wouldn't it be great to have direct access from the marina, sadly on the wrong side of the canal. No sign when I arrived shortly after 2pm, although there was a sizable Starling flock beginning to appear which made the journey worthwhile!

Early start tomorrow! Managed to secure the 'Trusts' minibus at short notice for a day trip with the Brandon Marsh team.