Saturday, July 02, 2016

Glow Worms!

Last night was our annual Glow worm survey at Brandon Marsh and prior to setting off around the reserve at dusk a BBQ in the courtyard, attended by several of the conservation team. Dee has organised and continued this small event since we first accompanied the late Anne Norman and Paul Norman, our former chairman on a survey some years ago.

The amazing Glow Worm
These amazing and fascinating little bio-luminescent creatures are great fun to seek out. Females have unfortunately only a few weeks in which to attract a mate and lay eggs. After this, sadly they die. As well as attracting a mate, the glowing green abdomen is also a warning to predators to stay away. Sadly, probably due to the recent weather conditions only six were located along the transect this year, our lowest ever!

IPhone snap! - Pyramidal Orchid  - A 1st for Brandon
During our tour of the reserve we were delighted to see two thriving Barn Owl families and also, perhaps unusual for the time of year, a small murmuration of Starlings on Alban's reedbed, with around two hundred or so birds. Bats included Pipistrelle and Dubenton's and one of the stars of the evening was the above Pyramidal Orchid! First identified by Jim Timms during a butterfly transect a little while ago and in fact as it turns out a first for Brandon Marsh!