Friday, August 19, 2016

Diary Update #50

After a weeks cruising it was back to home base and an opportunity for a visit to Brandon Marsh!

Fred Stokes - Encounter of the blurred kind!
In my absence Fred Stokes had seeming done it again with a terrific find of Purple Heron on Wednesday morning. Some confusion as to the sighting to begin with (not by Fred I hasten to add) but due to the fact that he was the only observer and the initial 'back of the camera' photo he texted across while on site was inconclusive! However, the flight shot he then sent out late in the day (above) put the sighting into a better perspective!

A brace of Pintail on East Marsh Pool
Todays visit for me was less exciting but nonetheless very enjoyable, with some good birds on offer. A brace of Pintail, Common Sandpiper, Ruff and a trio of Green Sandpiper initially. Then shortly after the rain set in an influx of six Common Tern, possibly a few more as the morning wore on with departures and arrivals.

Ruff on Teal Pool
Most of the visit was spent in East Marsh Hide, breaking for a full English breakfast midmorning in the company of Paul Cashmore, Richard Mays and Dave Cox. Then during rain intervals a sorte to the Ted Jury Hide with Alan Boddington and Bob Lee.

Little Egret - One of two seen today!
The notables for the day along with the above included: A second Common Sandpiper, (3) Snipe, (2) Little Egret, Willow Tit and Yellow Wagtail over.