Sunday, December 11, 2016

Diary Update #56/2016

It seems that over the past few weeks personal highlights have come nearer to home and have included a rare and unexpected Bittern sighting at Napton Reservoir on November 29th. A bird which only appeared to have hung around for one day, with no reports since, at least to my knowledge!

Better views of Bearded Tits, once again at Napton Reservoir and some truly amazing Starling Murmurations at the the marina, finally captured on my Iphone after several attempts.

Speaking of the marina, an encounter of the blurred kind this evening with a stunning Merlin perched on one of the pylons just before sunset. A bonus perhaps of having so many Starlings roosting nearby!

A nice encounter with this Merlin at the marina this evening!
Brandon Marsh still remains a little disappointing with the best for me more recently a couple of excellent Peregrine passes, plus a brace of Woodcock, which I've inadvertently flushed while completing conservation works.