Monday, January 23, 2017

Diary Update #5 ~ 2017

Monday 23rd January... Having dropped into the wife's workplace to pick up my car, which is literally halfway, it was a perfect opportunity to continue on and finally go see the long staying Blue Rock Thrush at Stow-on-the-Wold. I arrived about 9:30am and thought I'd drive down to Fisher Close for a look before parking further away. There were only two other individuals there and so I literally parked up and enjoyed great views of the bird which was showing extremely well, job done!

Blue Rock Thrush ~ The debate rages on!
Back at the car while enjoying a well earned coffee I noted a report on bird guides regarding a Little Bunting at Chipping Norton, 20 minutes away! I couldn't resist and found myself parked up and talking to a local gent called Steve Akers, who knew the exact location. Turns out that Steve is the gentleman who's garden the Oriental Turtle Dove of 2011 was found in! If you know the story Steve charged £5 (donated to the RSPB) for people to view the bird from his kitchen window!

Little Bunting ~ It is in there! If you look closely πŸ‘€
As for the Little Bunting it did prove to be slightly illusive but I managed several decent views as the bird occasionally dropped to the ground from within the bushes! I even managed a crapograph, it is in there if you look closely! Also of note during my vigil: (2) Red Kite, Raven, several Yellowhammer and Brambling.