Sunday, March 12, 2017

Diary Update #13

Sunday March 12th 2017 ~ A completely different day weather-wise compared to yesterday, with the rain just about subsiding as we parked up at Normandy Marsh, Hampshire. We've not visited this side of the Lymington Keyhaven Nature Reserve before, in fact oddly enough this is only our third ever visit to the reserve full stop!

Mediterranean Gulls ~ plenty in the area!
We began by heading north towards the Yacht Marina, pausing to begin with at Normandy Lagoon. A similar selection of waterfowl to yesterday's were on view here and included four more Mediterranean Gulls, which appeared to be displaying, perhaps suggesting that that these birds are regular nesters here?

Spotted Redshank ~ One of three today!
Just prior to the marina one of the smaller pools held Dunlin, several Redshank and single Ringed Plover but feeding reasonably close in one of three Spotted Redshank on offer today.

Mediterranean Gulls seemed to be in display!
For the remainder of our visit we decided on a reverse route which took us inside the seawall along a series of shallow, brackish lagoons connected to the sea through a system of sluices and tidal flaps. After walking Salterns and Oxey Marshes we decided to call it a day on the weekends birding. The only other addition to yesterdays listings were the aforementioned Spotted Redshank, plus a White Wagtail on the pontoons as we left!