Friday, May 05, 2017

Diary Update #28 2017

⛅  Friday 5th May 2017 ~ First post of the month after a mini break from birding over the past few days. In fact I've spent little time at Brandon Marsh recently too and the only bird of note, for me anyway, was a Marsh Harrier on Monday Morning.

Quick snap of Marsh Harrier at Brandon Marsh on Monday ~ Fred Stokes
There has been some decent sightings though over the last week which have included: Whinchat, Bar-tailed Godwit and Whimbrel.

Dingy Skippers out in force today!
While having breakfast in Southam after a doctors appointment early on today five Swift over the town centre were my first local ones of the year. After lunch and completed chores I ventured along to Stockton Cutting in search of butterflies. Despite the blustery easterly wind, which has dominated for most of the week, shelter can be found in the warm sunshine and it does produce.

Green Hairstreak ~ One to be found today!
As I was walking across Tasker's Meadow towards the cutting a Lesser Whitethroat was singing well and a raptor which suddenly swooped low over the meadow turned out to be a Hobby, which departed heading off over the canal, empty handed.

Green Tiger Beetle ~ Stockton Cutting
I began at the bottom of the cutting recording Brimstone, Orange Tip and Green-veined White, before my first of at least twenty Dingy Skippers. At the top of the steps more Skippers and further into the open area a single Green Hairstreak. Also of note today: Green Tiger Beetle and a couple of Bee-fly's!

Bee-Fly ~ Love the long proboscis for drinking nectar!