Thursday, June 15, 2017

Diary Update #29

☀️  Wednesday 14th June 2017  ~  Sadly my mum isnt too well at the moment and so in between numerous trips up to Liverpool I managed my first extended Brandon Marsh visit today in glorious sunshine.

Mating Speckled Wood
With the birds busy nesting I spent my time touring the woods and meadows and didn't bother visiting the hides. Despite the glorious conditions I have to say that the amount of butterflies on the wing was very disappointing. In fact I spent a little while on River Meadow with John Osborne, who was completing a butterfly transect and he confirmed that the numbers were of concern. We did manage various counts of Meadow Brown and Ringlet, plus around a dozen or so Chimney Sweeper moths, Banded Demoiselle were abundant and a single Emperor Dragonfly was on the the River Avon. Along the treeline a year first Brown Hawker!

Large Skipper ~ Horsetail Glade
Lunch in Horsetail Glade around the bench area and here a Hairy Dragonfly, along with a couple of Large Skippers and single Grass Snake. Some juvenile Treecreepers were spending a lot of time around the fallen trees and it seems that a pair of Jays have also been nesting in the area, a distant Cuckoo was also heard!

One of three Small Heath on Farm Field
The dipping pond adjacent to the old tool store produced Four-spotted Chaser dragonfly, plus Large Red, Azure and Common Blue damselfly and I also completed a full circle around the top reed beds and farm area, recording of note Marbled White and three Small Heath, but once more numbers were disappointing!

Female Banded Demoiselle

[oedemera nobilis] a type of Flower Beetle

Black-tailed Skimmer in volunteers car park!