Friday, December 08, 2017

πŸ“– Diary Update #76 ~ Continued Recovery!

❄️ ⛄️ ⛅1C Friday 8th December 2017 ~ Over the past few weeks I've continued my recovery but like all injuries, it seems like two steps forward and one step back! That said, I've managed a few short trips out which have included visits to Brandon Marsh, Napton Reservoir and today's brief visit to Draycote Water, after which I headed off once more for an hour at Brandon Marsh.

Hawfinch ~ A very confiding bird at Draycote Water today!

My day started at Draycote Water with the sole intention of connecting with a Hawfinch seen in the Country Park, which Richard Mays had recently discovered. On arrival, I immediately bumped into Bob Hazell who thankfully guided me to the correct location. After a brief catchup, Bob headed off to check out the reservoir and left me waiting in anticipation. Actually, I was only there for 10-minutes before my target bird flew into the treetops. I've been lucky enough to see several of this year's Hawfinch influx but a photographic opportunity had thus far eluded me. Thankfully this particular bird was much more confiding and gave several reasonably good views!

 During a recent visit to Napton Reservoir showing in much larger numbers now!
Job done I headed off to Brandon and made my way straight down to the East Marsh Hide. Best on offer while there was (4) Snipe, (5) Goldeneye 3 drake and (5) Goosander 2 drake, although the latter may have been seven, with more birds (possibly moving across) onto Grebe Pool?

Young Muntjac Deer ~ Brandon Marsh
Worth adding is the above photograph of a baby Muntjac Deer which I managed to take on my Canon SX50 from the Carlton Hide on Sunday 3rd. In contrast to all other species of deer in Britain, Muntjac Deer do not have a defined breeding season (rut). Instead, they breed all year round!