Thursday, May 10, 2018

πŸ“– #35 ~ Staying Local

☀️☁️19C Thursday 10th May 2018 I stayed mainly local today starting at a very nippy and breezy Napton-on-the-Hill, although the sun was shining. Things were pretty quiet, the only saving grace was a Hawfinch, which flew over the church and down on towards Church Leys Farm. From here I headed on over to Napton Reservoir to meet up with Jim Timms but abandoned him a short time later for a reported Whinchat at Coventry Airfield, sorry Jim, Carol and Tony this was a year-tick.

Unfortunately, it was a fruitless effort, spending a good half hour searching along with Chris Mathews. That said as I pen this post I see the bird has just appeared on the Warwickshire Whatsapp Group, you can't win them all.

Green Hairstreak ~ Stockton Cutting

Hairy Dragonfly
The remainder of my time was spent once more at Stockton Cutting, this time in the sunshine. It was a decent visit recording my 1st Local Hairy Dragonflies (3) and Green Hairstreaks (4), plus more Dingy Skippers, a Holly Blue and a Four-spotted Chaser, which simply wouldn't settle.

Dingy Skipper

Holly Blue
Tomorrow I'll be putting the final touches to my itinerary in preparation for Saturdays departure for the Spanish Pyrenees and my quest for a self-found Wallcreeper goes on, simply can't wait.