Saturday, June 23, 2018

πŸ“– #42 ~ Harbury Spoilbank

☁️21C Saturday 23rd June 2018 ~ Harbury Spoilbank: Created from the construction of the Leamington to Oxford railway in the 1840s, the lias clay spoil banks now host a species-rich grassland dotted with cowslip, early forget-me-not and hairy violet, with wild strawberry, yellow-wort and hoary plantain.

The primary reason for today's visit ~ Dark-green Fritillary Butterflies.

After my short break this week I hadn't actually planned to do much this weekend but a phone call from Jim Timms Saturday afternoon changed my plans.

Dark-green Fritillary ~ Harbury Spoilbank
Jim was telling me about some Dark-green Fritillary butterflies he'd just been photographing at the relatively nearby Harbury Spoilbank, a small nature reserve managed by the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust. As I had a little food shopping to complete in Southam the reserve is only a further 10-minutes drive.

Dark-green Fritillary
By the time I arrived the sun had in fact disappeared due to some high cloud but butterflies were still on the wing and thankfully I managed at least six Dark-green Fritillary. There was also a good population of Marbled White, along with Meadow Brown, Small Tortoiseshell, Small Skipper and my first Six-spot Burnet Moths of the year.

Six-spot Burnet

Dark-green Fritillary