Monday, July 16, 2018

πŸ“– #44 ~ Pectoral Sandpiper

⛅️25C Monday 16th July 2018 ~ Brandon Marsh ~ This is my home reserve and headquarters of the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust

The primary reason for today's visit ~ General Nature Walk

A morning visit to Brandon Marsh produced a site first for me in the form of a Pectoral Sandpiper. This particular species has dropped in on only a few occasions during my time at Brandon but I'm usually on holiday or up country, thankfully not today!

Oh my goodness! Newly fledged Little-ringed Plover looking so vulnerable..
I'd only expected to spend a short time in the hides around East Marsh before heading out across the reserve in search of butterflies, bugs and Odonata! In the Wright Hide, I was pretty excited to see a couple of newly fledged Little-ringed Plover chicks on Willow Island, looking pretty vulnerable with what looked like mum and dad chasing off an inquisitive Lapwing. Suddenly the brief call of a small wader drew my attention to a bird which had dropped in on the edge of Willow Island. My initial thought was Wood Sandpiper but the call wasn't right and when I got eyes on the bird I was pretty convinced it was Pectoral Sandpiper. I sent a few 'back of the camera' photos out for second opinions and wasn't surprised to have it confirmed.

Pectoral Sandpiper ~ East Marsh Pool
It was a nice find for me and the bird hung around for the few hours I was there, but unfortunately never came quite close enough for the money shot! The bird was still on site when I departed around 1pm.

Pectoral Sandpiper on Willow Island

Also of note today on East Marsh Pool: (2) Green Sandpiper, (2) Oystercatcher, (6) Little-ringed Plover, including the two fledgelings, (11) Common Terns, a mixture of juvenile and adult, plus a Sparrowhawk fly-by with prey, thankfully not the Pectoral πŸ˜€

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