Friday, January 10, 2020

Rutland & Eyebrook Quick Update

☀️10C ~ Wind ⇐ S@9mph  Friday 10th January 2020 ~ A morning and early afternoon out with Alan Boddington visiting Eyebrook Reservoir and Rutland Water, the latter a great place to tick off a trio of less common Grebe species.

Before heading off in search we began the day at the Egerton Centre bird feeders, were of note we managed both Willow Tit and Marsh Tit. Alan also managed a couple of Tree Sparrows too but before I arrived!

Old Hall was our first stop in search of a Red-necked Grebe an area most associated with this bird. However, after a good search without results, Birdguides suddenly came up with a sighting at the North Arm, actually our next port of call so we headed off.

The walk down to the water from the top of the road produced our second Willow Tit of the day and shortly after setting up our scopes (2) Black-necked Grebes, Slavonian Grebe and Red-necked Grebe were all noted and showing well within a short distance of each other. No sign of any reported Scaup during our stay but a Great White Egret on the far bank and a single Redshank were other notables.

A stop at Eyebrook Reservoir before heading home and here three Smew with two drakes and a female, all seen along the dam wall. Red Kite and two Raven were other notable species during a very successful day.

No photos from me today but Alan did manage a decent video in the poor light of the two drake Smew as reflected in his tweet below.