Friday, February 07, 2020

Lesser-spotted Woodpecker

☁️⛅️ 8C ~ Wind ⇐ SE@5mph  Friday 7th February 2020 ~ Out and about with Alan Boddington this morning in search of Lesser-spotted Woodpeckers. This is the best time to try and see them, particularly as the trees are bare and the woodpeckers are becoming territorial, betraying their presence by their distinctive call and drumming.

Wonderful to see & hear Lesser-spotted Woodpecker in Warwickshire this morning.
In fact, this was exactly how this bird was found when Alan heard and spotted the bird prior to my arrival. Unfortunately, it was spooked by a Great-spotted Woodpecker and he'd lost sight.

Lesser-spotted Woodpecker
Thankfully, a short time after we met up and began another search the bird began to drum and call once more, eventually offering some albeit brief but excellent views. Well done to Alan for the initial find but due to the scarcity and vulnerability of these birds, we've decided not to disclose the site!