Sunday, October 22, 2023

πŸ“– πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Έ ~ Spain Autumn 2023 Update 1

After Guadalhorce the remainder of my Saturday and Sunday was spent around the villa terrace enjoying the Crested Tits and I have to say the odd heavy shower. A Chiffchaff would pass through occasionally and the local Sardinian Warblers remained as illusive as ever, offering the odd view.  

Crested Tit makes his way through the pines

Blackcaps are still enjoying the Fig fruits and overhead the first Crag Martins of the autumn are coming down to lower levels for the winter. A few Barn Swallows pass by, normally in the early evening and also noted a couple of local Sparrowhawks

Kestrel ~ seemingly imitating a Hobby

At one time after a heavy shower, through the window I thought I'd recorded my first-ever Hobby over the villa as high up a bird seemed to be hunting in the air, catching dragonflies and eating them on the wing. As the bird continued hunting and came much lower I was stunned to see it was a Kestrel! I managed several photos but I don't think I've ever seen a Kestrel feed in this way before.

Raven adds to the 'terrace list' during lunch

During lunch on Sunday a Raven paid a visit, perching noisily on a nearby pylon for a while before heading off. 

Pea Blue on French Lavender

There are butterflies to be found around the gardens too and a regular at this time of year is the smart-looking Pea Blue.


A Crossbill pauses briefly in the late evening sun before heading off to roost.

In the evenings, a few Crossbills tend to visit the garden before heading up the mountain to roost. Today, four of them dropped by briefly. I ended my weekend with views of the local Eagle Owl flying down into the scrub, although it was too dark to take any pictures. Nonetheless, it was still a great experience to see him once more and he continued to call along with a couple of Tawny Owls well into the night.