Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Living Aboard!

With the current weather conditions the first thing most people say when they realise you live aboard a boat is 'It must be awful for you at the moment'. Frankly, for me it's one of the more interesting and enjoyable times! How many people have the privilege of feeding Swans and Tufted Duck by hand from their living room window and Pied Wagtails roosting on the roof at night to keep warm.

When we were having 'Quidditch' built in 2004 the major part of the design specification was for a live-aboard boat and yes we do have hot and cold running water. Seriously though I'm not being patronising but we have been asked the question several times in the past. Quidditch is a well equipped vessel with shower room, galley, central heating, broadband, WiFi and Sky TV and so we do have the luxuries of most homes. We also have the added bonus of mooring in a marina during the winter months and so have full mains electric at our disposal.

However, it does get a little more difficult when you've been iced in for over a fortnight like at present. The two biggest issues are of course fuel and water. 'Quidditch' runs primarily on red diesel and with the heating and fire on 24/7 getting fuel on board does become an issue after a while. So too our water supplies and with the pontoon taps turned off we have an on board supply which will last in normal conditions for around a week. What complicates the current situation is of course the fact that with a couple of cracked ribs I'm next to useless and so I thank god for Dee who on Sunday, with me more of a hindrance than a help, ably replenished our supplies with several trips to and from the marina utility area, well done that girl!!