Saturday, May 17, 2014

Brandon Marsh

Please be vigilant if your visiting the reserve in the evening over coming weeks!
It's frightening to report that three teenage males were chased off of the reserve last Wednesday evening at approximately 18:00 hrs attempting to light a fire on the top reed bed. This was along the grass strip north of the top reed bed, parallel to Brandon Lane.

Luckily a member of the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust's staff chased them off, extinguished the fire and then followed after them as they disappeared over the railway bridge towards Brandon woods. The staff member verbally warned them from a distance which hopefully will see they do not return.

I'm sure everyone is aware of what devastation this could cause, particularly at this time of year! If anyone see's any suspicious activity at the reserve we ask that you report it to the police on the non emergency number 101. Your help would be much appreciated.

On behalf of: Brandon Marsh Voluntary Conservation Team