Saturday, July 19, 2014

'On The cut'

A delicious BBQ Friday, followed by a storm-watch late into the night has produced an interesting few nights on the 'Cut'. However, a rather gorgeous end to a stormy few days on the Oxford Canal this evening. Maybe we'll get the chance to have a decent sleep tonight.

Moored at one of our favourite spots on the Oxford Canal
It's strikes me (no pun intended) that living aboard a steel narrowboat moored in the open countryside, with several large trees adjacent during some intense thunderstorms is somewhat dangerous! But hey we survive one more day to tell the story.

Sensible Yellowhammer singing from under the shaded canopy!
Not managed to venture out too far today but the wildlife has in fact come to us. Yellowhammers have been a constant companion singing all day long, with decent numbers of Linnet and Reed Buntings toing and froing across the newly ploughed fields.

Reed Bunting perched nicely opposite the mooring
In fact the local Red-legged Partridge have been quite vocal too in the nearby fields. Plenty of Hares around and several Lapwings appear at dusk to feed in the fields opposite, calling well into the night. Swallows seem to come in just prior to dusk looking for a decent roosting plot, this species choosing to only migrate during the day! A Curlew was heard calling during the respite in thunder claps on Friday night, probably just heading through.

Green-veined White among the Large and Small White
Butterflies have ventured out in between the storms and the most popular on this stretch of canal seem to be the whites, with Green-vein, Small and Large White all recorded. Other species of note: Sparrowhawk, Kestrel, Buzzard, Lesser Black-backed Gull, Skylark and a decent Swift passage..