Friday, August 22, 2014

New Hide

Finally after a number of delays I'm happy to report that the new hide, which has replaced the screen area at Brandon Marsh has now been completed.

New hide at Brandon Marsh to replace the screen area.
If your visiting Brandon over the coming days the hide is open to use but please be patient as there are a few jobs still outstanding. For example the screens leading up to the hide need to be finished, notice board installed and of course like any new project there's bound to be a few snagging issues, so enjoy! A naming ceremony will take place in the coming weeks and I'll publish the details when they become finalised.

Lunch Break!
A Heads Up: The first phase of the Islands and bank strimming took place yesterday and will hopefully be completed on the next volunteers works day, Thursday 28th August, so bare this in mind if your visiting. We managed to complete the main Island (Willow Island), 90% of Tern Island and 40% of Wigeon Bank during yesterdays session.