Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Patch Visit

Spent my usual Tuesday visit to Brandon Marsh with a couple of hours birding early on and then the rest of the morning was spent with a few of the team extracting Ragwort from the River Meadow and Farm Field. What a thankless job but necessary with the hay cut imminent! Birding highlights were Dunlin and Little-ringed Plover on East Marsh Pool but due to the river being slightly up the recent Green Sandpipers had moved off Teal Pool.

A quick heads-up regarding the new screen hide: All being well we may finally have it in place by the end of next week, so fingers crossed!!

Monday's full 'Super Moon'
Last night (Tuesday) I spent a while on the hunt for Perseid Meteors and watched a really bright pass of the ISS. Couldn't resist taking more pictures of the 'Super Moon' currently 13% closer to earth and 30% brighter, and ended up with a commendable eleven meteors in around 40 minutes, although the light polution from the moon didn't help. The eerie calls of a Barn Owl on several occasions and at least two Fox's barking away to each other.

Immature ♂Common Redstart.
This morning a couple of hours on the patch up at Napton-on-the-Hill had my first opportunity to get a little closer to the Immature ♂Common Redstart. I managed a couple of half decent images and while I was doing so one of Monday's females appeared.

♂Common Redstart
The Spotted Flycatchers had moved a lot further down from their usual spot, the wind now backing more to the west, around a dozen or so were located. A couple of Buzzards were making themselves busy and also recorded during my stay: Chiffchaff, Willow Warbler and Raven.