Saturday, May 07, 2016

Diary Update #4 Birding Spain

At dusk last night Dee and I sat out on the terrace for a few beers and to listen out for anything of interest. It's a shame I'm not into moths a little more, something I've been considering getting more involved in but haven't really progressed yet, as there were several attractive species to be found around the porch lights.

Gloomy start to the day weatherwise
Nightingales, which sing well into the night were still going, we think at least three in total and It wasn't long before at least two Tawny Owls began calling. Shortly after a Scops Owl, which calls each night began but the bonus was a churring Nightjar! Which could be heard, sadly at some distance, for the whole hour or so we were out. A few Bats too, probably Pipistrelle before we called it a night, it gets quite chilly here at the moment after sunset.

Good job were not here for the weather!
Today (Saturday) the weather has deteriorated a little more with low cloud and drizzle and a very chilly 10C! My morning walk had the usual selection of species with Nuthatch, Golden Oriole, Nightingale, Firecrest, Chaffinch, Great Spotted Woodpecker and a Cirl Bunting singing from his usual tree.