Friday, June 03, 2016

Diary Update #47

Having damaged my knee ligaments while out cruising over the holiday weekend I hadn't planned to resume any birding activities until today!

One of Alan's images!
However, on Thursday morning Alan Boddington WhatsApp'ed me a trio of images he'd just taken at Brandon Marsh, just to be on the safe side for ID purposes and once opened I was immediately in the car and on route knee or no knee! A Broad-billed Sandpiper at Brandon!! Unfortunately the bird didn't hang around for too long and so only the lucky few were privileged to the event. Sadly, I was not among the chosen few!!! Another excellent find and Alan has posted a brief video, which can be found HERE

Another of Alan's Broad-billed Sandpiper images.
Today as planned I made an early start at Brandon, but with that nagging easterly wind, overcast conditions and 9C I actually started the day wearing gloves, it is June 3rd right?

Fox on Wigeon Bank
I wasn't expecting too much today but a Peregrine entertained the bold few in the hide, even perching up for a short time. During my stay yesterday a couple of tiny new Lapwing chicks were noted but sadly only one could be found today and even this looking extremely venerable with the hoard of gulls nearby. On a more positive note the three Oystercatcher young are almost full size and on the wing and an older and well fed Lapwing chick looks to have made it too. A pair of Little-ringed Plover were also getting down to business and that looked very promising. A Fox appeared on Wigeon Bank briefly causing a few issues, a couple of Little Egret, single Ringed Plover and two Redshank were other highlights while in the hide.

First of the season Chimney Sweeper Moth on River Meadow
I spent the remainder of an enjoyable morning and early afternoon with Alan Boddington and Bob Lee touring the rest of the reserve. Only a single Small Copper butterfly to report, this along with the first Chimney Sweeper moths on River meadow. Common Spotted Orchid are finally beginning to appear but looking a little forlorn in the conditions.

As I arrived back at the marina a Red Kite drifted over, circling Napton Reservoir before heading off towards Napton Hill after gaining height! Yesterday a Curlew was once again in the adjacent field and very vocal, could this be part of a local breeding pair? Nice thought...