Friday, June 10, 2016

Diary Update #6 - Birding Spain

Spent the rest of yesterday afternoon at the villa! With the temperatures soaring to 40C in the late afternoon it was far to uncomfortable to be out and about.

Kestrel - Not happy with a Booted Eagle which just arrived over his patch!
So Dave and I just relaxed in the shade watching the many Common Swift overhead, plus a couple of Red-rumped Swallow, which drift around the place for most of the day, likely nesting nearby.

Booted Eagle over the villa..
Sky watching is always a treat here, with the mountains to the west and the Mediterranean just down below, we're never disappointed. First a Short-toed Eagle drifted over, followed not long after by a Booted Eagle. A local Kestrel perching up to keep an eye on what he was up too.

Booted Eagle on the lookout!
The Booty hung around for a while, possibly the same bird which we saw earlier in the day with a huge prey before dropping down out of view. Other birds of note: Sardinian Warbler, Common Crossbill, Serin and Blackcap. In the evening Scops Owl and Tawny Owl!