Saturday, September 09, 2017

πŸ“– Diary Update #52

Since arriving back at our home moorings after our recent outing I've basically spent my time getting to grips with my new camera and lens! In the last several days I've managed trips to Brandon Marsh, Draycote Water and of course locally.

Sigma 150-600 Contemporary
A few years back I stopped using my Canon 7D~Mk1/Canon EF 100-400 Lens combination on a regular basis, preferring to use my Canon Powershot SX50 bridge camera and a recently purchased Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 when out in the field. I've had some great results using these amazing bridge cameras and will continue to use them on occasions, particularly for Odonata and butterflies. However, preferring to use the eyepiece rather than the LCD screen while shooting I've always struggled with the electronic viewfinders, bridge cameras, of course, being mirrorless. This has on occasions left me somewhat frustrated when I've missed that perfect shot due to focusing. Another downfall of this is missing some great 'birds in flight' opportunities.

Greater Yellowlegs Alaska 2017 ~ In good light great shots can be taken by the SX50!
On a recent trip to Alaska and Canada, I took the decision to leave my DSLR and lens at home, preferring to take my two bridge cameras, and despite taking some great images, its a decision in retrospect I now regret! With this in mind, I made a conscious decision to revert back to using DSLR and have just purchased a Canon 80D ~ Sigma 150-600 Contemporary combination. The results thus far with some fine tuning have been very encouraging.

Juvenile Linnet ~ Draycote Water

Wheater in dull conditions ~ Draycote Water

Little Egret ~ Once again in overcast conditions at Draycote Water

Sedge Warbler at Brandon Marsh at maximum 600mm 

Seven Dunlin unexpectedly through Napton Reservoir gave an opportunity for a low light flight shot!

I'm still waiting to test the combo in good sunlight so more testing to come πŸ“·