Wednesday, November 01, 2017

πŸ“– Diary #66 ~ MORE Patch Gold!

πŸ‚ ⛅14C Wednesday 1st November 2017 ~ I met up with Jim Timms and his wife Carol shortly after 9 0'clock this morning for a few hours birding at Bubbenhall Meadows. Jim had mentioned that last week he'd managed a couple of Jack Snipe and I was keen to see if they would still be around.

After parking up we headed down towards the pools, passing the impressive new viewing screen. Although I'm unsure as to what good it will be in a few years time when the newly planted trees flourish! We did, in fact, manage two Jack Snipe along with four Common Snipe and had also noted a pair of Stonechat (rising to two pairs during the day) along the fences which surround the tree planting areas.

Dartford Warbler ~ A heart-stopping moment as the bird flew into a nearby rose bush!
However just as we were about to head back along the track a harsh grating call alerted me to the nearby undergrowth. I'd only heard it briefly but when the bird called again a short while later and indeed appeared at the top of some spent meadow sweet grass, there was no mistaking a Dartford Warbler!! Jim and Carol were onto the bird in moments and the rest, as they say, is history!

Dartford Warbler ~ 
I'm happy to report that the bird stuck around, showing incredibly well one moment and becoming quite elusive the next. In fact, during the four or so hours I remained on site all that visited to see the bird were not disappointed and had some decent views.

One of four Stonechat for the day and Dartford Warbler
By the time I left just after 1 O'clock the bird had moved to just in front of the new screen and while here two Hawfinch flew overhead calling, adding to another memorable day birding in Warwickshire.

πŸŽƒ ⛅12C Tuesday 31st October 2017 ~ Happy Halloween!! Thanks to Theo @Clermont_de for the heads up I was able to catch a glimpse of (4) Whooper Swans at Napton Reservoir yesterday morning, prior to heading into Leamington Spa for lunch with the wife!

Whooper Swans ~ Napton Reservoir