Thursday, May 07, 2020

πŸ”’ Lockdown Days 40 Thru 45

Life goes on under lockdown and although I've continued with my early morning walks my main focus of attention now turns to boat maintenance. I still have much work to do before she hopefully goes for sale later in the year in advance of our move to Scotland. I did manage to increase my 'Lockdown List' during this week though when I finally caught up with a Tawny Owl (Species No. 97 ) last Saturday evening, this despite hearing them almost every night thus far.

A lovely end to DAY 45 with great views of the final 'Supermoon' of the year rising over the marina.
DAY 45...☀️6C to start then ☀️24C ~ Wind ↗SE@5mph Thursday 7th May 2020 ~ It was a glorious day and so for my daily exercise I decided to cycle the four miles to Taskers Meadow/Stockton Cutting in search of Butterflies and early Odonata.

An unexpected find today ~ Female Beautiful Demoiselle at Taskers Meadow.
I've not concentrated much this year on Butterflies and this was a perfect opportunity to catch up on some of the species I've not yet encountered in 2020. It was an enjoyable if not exhausting visit which included some year firsts and an unexpected record: Dingy Skipper (32), Grizzled Skipper (4), Orange Tip (5), Small White (2), Green-veined White (3), Brimstone (3), Peacock (3), Small Tortoiseshell (1), Comma (1), Green Hairstreak (2), Small Blue (5), Common Blue (3) ~ Broad-bodied Chaser (2), Beautiful Demoiselle (1)

Small Blue ~ Stockton Cutting is a great place to find our smallest resident Butterfly
Grizzled Skipper (4)
Female Common Blue
Dingy Skipper ~ Over 30 recorded today
First Broad-bodied Chaser of the year
Always a favourite of mine ~ Green Tiger Beetle on the search for Ants

A Few More Images Of The Week...

Spindle Ermine Moth Caterpillars at the marina.
A Tufted Duck flies in during the many sky-watching sessions on the pontoon
Common Sandpiper ~ Two seen during nearly every visit to the Reservoir
Two Drake Pochards at the Reservoir Wednesday
A Blackcap drops into the willow briefly at the end of the pontoon during a sky-watching session on Tuesday