Sunday, May 10, 2020

πŸ”’ Lockdown Days 45 Thru 48

With boat painting and maintenance now the priority a shorter post than of late!

A couple of cycle rides around the local tracks & footpaths over the long weekend has produced some good highlights, including my 100th 'Lockdown List' tick, found by the brilliant Dazza, my ever-patient wife.

This Whinchat was a lovely surprise species (No.99)
Over the previous few weeks, I think I've scoured every field and checked every post I've come across in the hope of finding a Wheatear or Whinchat, two species high up on my agenda. It was therefore quite remarkable that I'd see both birds within a very short distance of each other and just a few miles from the marina while actually out on a cycle ride. Thank goodness I have the good sense to carry my binoculars and my ever faithful Canon SX50 bridge camera when I'm out cycling.

One of two Wheatears found by Dazza on Friday afternoon
MY 100th 'LOCKDOWN' species