Sunday, June 02, 2013


After an excellent flight with Air Canada, only interrupted by odd pockets of turbulence, we arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia at 3.10pm local time. Even more encouraging was the weather, with clear blue skies and a very commendable 28C, something we've never experienced on arrival in Canada before.

Dartmouth - Halifax Bridge (Image from
For the first few days we're staying in Dartmouth, around 6 miles from Halifax and we'll spend today sightseeing before picking up our RV tomorrow, when our next adventure begins.

Dinner Al Fresco With My Own Personal Bottled Beer!
However, the birding has already started with (6) Common Grackle overflying the restaurant while we were having dinner al fresco last night. Amazingly the Grackle is new to my North American list, probably due to the fact that all our previous visits have been west-coast and this species normal breeding habitat is east of the Rockies.

It's great to be back in Canada once more and now it's a case of putting on my North American species head, having already heard the familiar songs of Red-winged Blackbird and Song Sparrow!

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