Thursday, June 13, 2013

Birding Days Off!

An overnight stop at Hideaway Campground and Oyster Market, which overlooks Aspy Bay at the north-eastern tip of the Cape gave Dee the opportunity to try out the local Lobster, something she's been dying to do since arriving in Cape Breton. At $7 a lobster and already cooked it was an absolute bargain and very tasty too.

Fresh Cape Breton Lobster For Dinner
It's time for a few days off now from any intense birding and this evening Dee and I enjoyed a chill out around the campfire and Pizza for dinner, very classy, lobster followed by Pizza!

Black-legged Kitiwake
After the superb weather over the last few days things took a turn for the worst once more on Wednesday morning and we abandoned a drive halfway up to Cape North, the most northern tip of Nova Scotia, due to the intense fog and drizzle. As we made our way back southwards, stopping at Neil's Harbour to check out the lobster fishing fleet, our first Black-legged Kitiwake.

Thick pockets of fog and rain continued to hamper our journey and after a short stop at Ingonish for lunch we continued on to Baddeck for the night. Our overnight stay at Baddeck Cabot Trail Camprground was a wet and windy stop-over only made bearable by the superb high speed internet, not even a chance to explore!

Part Of The Alexander Graham Bell Museum Collection
Thursday morning we drove into the the historic town of Baddeck, scene of the first controlled powered flight in Canada on February 23rd 1909 and as this was the second home of Alexander Graham Bell, teacher, scientist and inventor, a visit to the museum built in his honour. Our two hour stay was a fascinating insite into this amazing and unique character, the telephone being only one of his inventions in his incredible journey, we came away totally enlightened and in awe of this amazing Scotsman.

After the museum a slight glitch into our itinerary when to our surprise and annoyance the only retailer of propane, which literally suppliers all the of RV's requirements, was no less than 55 kilometers away in North Sydney! A trip we took begrudgingly but did give us the opportunity to see the main terminal for the Newfoundland Ferry, well whatever floats your boat!!

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