Thursday, July 18, 2019

πŸ“– 10-year Butterfly Review πŸ¦‹

As my blog is currently celebrating its 10-year anniversary I thought it would be a good time to completely review and reminisce on my many trips across Europe & North America. While doing so and looking over numerous unpublished images I found that one area, in particular, required closer inspection.

My trips to Northern and Southern Spain, France and other European destinations over this period have primarily concentrated on birding and this was the area that took priority. Notwithstanding I've photographed and observed many Butterflies over this period and frankly I've been found wanting when it comes to logging and identifying these amazing insects.

After a complete review, I have now produced a personal database of my European Butterfly listings and can publish some of the images that never quite made it onto the original blog posts. As I post I'm still in the process of identifying many of my images but below is the database thus far as of July 18th 2019.

Naturally, if I'm lucky enough to identify new species already in my files, or indeed additions to my 'life-list' these too will be added onto the database, so look out for updates in the database listings above!

ADDITIONS TO DATABASE Since Original Post (Thursday July 18th 2019)