Tuesday, July 02, 2019

πŸ“– Ryton Wood & Brandon

☀️☁️21C Tuesday 2nd July 2019 ~ I began today with an early morning visit to Ryton Wood, Warwickshire Wildlife Trust. With temperatures around 16C at 09:30 and mostly clear skies, it seemed a good place to start. On arrival, there was plenty of Meadow Browns on the wing, along with Ringlet and even before I'd left the parking area I'd noted a couple of Large Skippers.

Silver-washed Fritillary ~ Year-First at Ryton Woods today
By the time I'd completed a circular route over a two-hour period cloud had begun to increase, so I decided to finish and head off to Brandon Marsh for a catch-up. Ryton was a good visit with in addition to the above (2) Red Admiral (3) Purple Hairstreaks, mostly high in the Oak canopy, plus a very pristine Painted Lady. I'd noted (5) White Admiral and (2) Silver-washed Fritillary during my walk, which I have to say were very flighty. Many Common Spotted Orchids throughout my walk and Dragonflies for the day included Black-tailed Skimmer and Ruddy Darter.

Lots of Marble Whites on the wing at Brandon Marsh
After lunch, I spent a few hours at Brandon Marsh where there was plenty of Marbled White to be found and along with a single Purple Hairstreak a year-first White-letter Hairstreak near River Meadow, in an area which has proven to be an excellent spot for them over the last few years.

Pyramidal Orchid ~ Brandon Marsh ~ just two to my knowledge this year thus far!
A couple of Pyramidal Orchids, one of which I found during today's visit is not particularly common to the reserve but pop up every so often. Sadly in previous years, they've been dug up by the odd idiot so I'm not mentioning locations!

More images of the day...

White-letter Hairstreak ~ Year-First

Purple Hairstreak

Newly emerged Common Darter at Ryton

Large Skipper ~ Ryton Woods

Silver-washed Fritillary ~ Ryton Woods
Pyramidal Orchid ~ Just two specimens thus far this year at Brandon Marsh to my knowledge!