Saturday, November 12, 2022

πŸ“– Dusky Warbler ~ Forvie Sand Loch 12/11/2022

Saturday 12th November 2022🌀 14C ~ Wind S @ 5MPH An expected trip this morning to Forvie Sand Loch for a reported Dusky Warbler. The bird was first reported on the ABZ Whatsapp group at Slains Cottages Collieston at 10:50 but by 11:15 had relocated to bushes on the Loch corner.

My first attempt at the Dusky Warbler ~ Unfortunately with the sun directly behind the bird!

I arrived just before noon, parked at the Forvie Nature Centre and walked down to the area where four other birders were searching. It took a half hour or so before I finally heard the bird calling from the nearby bushes, that unmistakable clicking 'teck', quite similar to a Lesser Whitethroat. The bird was a little elusive staying relatively close to the ground but showed well intermittently over the short period I was on site. I was grateful to a local Wren, whose patch the Dusky Warbler had invaded and which would chase the bird off on occasion, where it would show briefly in the open. 

Dusky Warbler in the sunshine ~ A few seconds earlier & I'd have had the money shot!

I managed a few record shots of the bird, which was frequently calling but unfortunately these were in direct sunlight, apart from the one which I managed with the sun behind. Nevertheless a very welcome Aberdeenshire and Scottish tick. 

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