Saturday, September 18, 2010

Canada Day 1

I thought I'd do a quick update while I'm dealing with the jet-lag and have the hotel wifi at my disposal, as later today we set off towards Banff and on into the Rockies, from there who knows when I'll be posting again!

Our flight from Heathrow with Air Canada was excellent once more arriving into Calgary at around 3.30pm local time. I love this airline, no nonsense, no fuss just good friendly service and good food. The flight across was smooth and we had some stunning views as we flew over Iceland and Greenland. I just can't but help imagine as I look down from 38,000ft the Whooper Swans migration to the UK from Iceland and the amazing Arctic Tern, which has been known to travel an average of 44,000 miles from it's breeding grounds in Greenland to the Weddell Sea on the shores of Antarctica and back, simply stunning!!

The current temperatures on this side of Canada are currently running well below the average for September (17C) and on arrival at Calgary earlier it was a chilly 6C with sunny intervals, as I look out of the hotel window at 4am local time it's 1C and quite misty. The plan today is to hopefully visit Inglewood Bird Sanctuary before picking up our RV later this afternoon, we visited Inglewood before flying back to the UK last year and our post in relation to that visit can be found here.