Monday, August 06, 2018

πŸ“– #48 ~ Brandon Marsh

⛅️26C Monday 6th August 2018 ~ A morning visit to Brandon Marsh 08:30hrs ~ 13:00hrs

The primary reason for the visit ~ Waders
This mornings visit was spent mostly in the East Marsh Hide, with a brief visit to River Pool before leaving.

As those who visit Brandon regularly will know the water levels are exceptionally low at present and thus offer excellent opportunities for passing waders. In fact, in 12 years of visiting and volunteering this is probably the best I've ever seen it. As they say, 'build it and they will come'. In my opinion, we definitely need much less emphasis on Reed planting and much more in developing habits like that of East Marsh currently. 

Greenshank on East Marsh Pool today
During my stay today: (2) Greenshank, (3) Green Sandpiper, (2) Common Sandpiper, (3) Little-ringed Plover, (1) Snipe, (4) Common Tern, Water Rail and a very elusive Garganey, of which I managed two of the briefest views. No sign of any of yesterdays five Little Egrets but I'm sure there's more to come this autumn if the East Marsh Pool water holds at the current level.

Green Sandpiper
Little-ringed Plover