Friday, April 30, 2021

πŸ“– Dalmadilly Ponds 🌦3C ~ Wind ↘NW @7mph ~ 30/04/21

The unsettled conditions continue with plenty of April showers feeding through in the chilly northeasterly breeze, some prolonged and occasionally accompanied by hail.

Lots of Marsh Marigold around the pools.

Stayed local today completing my early morning walk around Dalmadilly Ponds. On arrival around 07:30, there were plenty of Hirundines over the water, mainly Sand Martins, with a few Swallows but no sign of any House Martins, which I still haven't managed to record here this spring. It's an exciting time for me to get to know my new patch and lovely to see so much Marsh Marigold blossoming around the peripheral of the pools. I'm happy to note too that there appears to be an Island emerging mid pool, which an Oystercaster managed to confirm by landing briefly on it before heading off. 


The local Lesser Redpolls and Siskins are certainly looking the part!

There's a wonderfully diverse selection of trees and shrubs around the ponds at Dalmadilly and when you find Alder you're practically certain of seeing both Siskin and Lesser Redpoll (you normally hear them first) taking advantage, three of each today looking resplendent in the sunshine.

Mallard with nine little'ons

The Willow Warblers continue to sing in good numbers, (11) noted today, along with just (3) singing Chiffchaff and a couple of Blackcaps. No sign of the Whitethroat I've noted on my last 2 visits though. The first brood of the spring for me goes to the above Mallard with a nice clutch of nine ducklings. A quick look down onto the River Don yielded just a single Common Sandpiper today and again like the ponds lots of Hirundines, but minus House Martin.

Patience paid off with this Grasshopper Warbler this morning

However, the highlight of my morning was when walking along the boardwalk which runs parallel to a nearby small burn. Suddenly a Grasshopper Warbler began reeling just as I passed by, stopping me dead in my tracks! A strategic positioning dodging the April showers paid off after what seemed an age when the bird finally showed itself briefly before skulking back down.

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