Saturday, April 11, 2020

πŸ”’ Lockdown Days 18/19

⛅️10C to start then ☀️22C ~ Wind ↖SE@9mph Friday 10th April 2020 ~ After a chilly start a glorious day with temperatures in the low 20's. No Nocmig recording last night so nothing to report.

Swallows still few and far between but a few now drifting through
A Swallow over the reservoir when I arrived and today a record 'Lockdown' count of five Snipe, duly flushed as I came up the steps onto the bank, but they did drop back in a little further up. I paused at the reedbed to listen out for a while and heard two Sedge Warblers today, although unlike the day before they kept a low profile. I've heard a Water Rail over the past week on two occasions but today I managed the briefest of views as it passed thru a small gap, so another 'Lockdown tick achieved. The marina produced what now seems like a daily Red Kite, this one passing quite low over to the east. Plenty of butterflies passing by while sitting out, which included various numbers: Orange Tip, Brimstone, Small White, Small Tortoiseshell and Peacock. A walk to the marina entrance and bridge after dark produced my first Daubenton's Bat, one skimming the water around 11.30pm.

#PatchGold this morning when this Tree Pipit suddenly appeared.
⛅️11C to start then ☀️23C ~ Wind ↖SE@1mph Saturday 11th April 2020 ~ Again no nocmig recordings this evening, too many BBQs going on late around the marina grounds.

Tree Pipit ~ Third consecutive year of connecting at Napton reservoir
A quieter walk up to the reservoir this morning, mainly due to a tractor working nearby and drowning out most of the birdsong or passing fare. That said I certainly struck lucky while checking the hawthorn when the above Tree Pipit suddenly appeared, flying up into a nearby tree! It stayed just long enough for a couple of photographs and was actually the third consecutive year I've connected in the spring at Napton Reservoir.

Record shot of Drake Pochard this morning
Other highlights of a shortened visit today were (2) Snipe, (2) Sedge Warbler and a 'Lockdown' tick Drake Pochard.