Friday, April 24, 2020

πŸ”’ Lockdown Day 32

☀️6C to start then ☀️21C ~ Wind ↙NE@5mph Friday 24th April 2020 ~ Another 'groundhog Day' weatherwise and a pre-breakfast walk around the marina grounds to start.

Common Tern ~ Over the marina early morning
The first bird of note was a Common Tern, which I could hear immediately as I stepped off the boat. The bird circled around for a short while before heading off to the east.

Weasel ~ A pleasant surprise at the marina today
A few Swallows passed thru feeding low over the water but no sign of any Swifts today. A nice change from the birding occurred when I noticed some movement in the vegetation. To my delight, a Weasel was suddenly peering at me through the vegetation, it was just one of those moments! We played hide and seek for a short while before he scurried off, giving me an opportunity for an ID.

Lesser Whitethroats can be heard daily here now and today I heard two, along with singing Blackcap, Willow Warbler and Chiffchaff. I also came across my first female Blackcap of the year.

Common Sandpiper ~ Along the west bank of the marina
I don't think I've seen many Common Sandpiper feeding in the grass, but today I came across this one and managed to get quite close before it spotted me.

Dingy Skipper ~ Seven counted during my short stay
In the afternoon for my daily exercise I decided to cycle, stopping off at Stockton Cutting in search of butterflies, around 4 miles, but to be honest I'm not actually sure on how far you're allowed to cycle during lockdown! As it happens, my visit was cut short when I had to return to the marina pronto as our internet had gone down and Dazza had several conference calls during the afternoon. In the 20 minutes or so I was there I recorded (7) Dingy Skipper, (4) Orange Tip, (1) Small White, (3) Brimstone, (3) Peacock & (4) Small Tortoiseshell.

2nd Little-ringed Plover of the week heading south over the marina
A few sessions Sky-watching in the afternoon produced a couple of highlights ~ My second Little-ringed Plover of the week, a further two Common Terns and a Yellow Wagtail.

More Images of the Day...

Yellow Wagtail ~ Over the marina today
Common Tern 
Common Sandpiper
Little-ringed Plover