Tuesday, April 21, 2020

πŸ”’ Lockdown Days 28/29

☀️5C to start then ☀️13C ~ Wind From ↙NE@8mph Monday 20th April 2020 ~ A light ground frost when I set off around the marina this morning on another beautiful start to the day, but nothing new to report. There was nothing new to report either over on the reservoir although an additional Common Sandpiper had joined the long-staying two.

Oystercatcher ~ My 91st 'Lockdown Tick' 
The highlight of the day occurred at the marina when while having coffee the calls of an Oystercatcher sent me scurrying out onto the pontoon. Fortunately, the bird was generous enough to complete a couple of circuits before heading off, my 91st 'Lockdown List' species.

Oystercatcher just prior to departing.
☀️8C to start then ☀️13C ~ Wind From ↙NE@8mph Tuesday 21st April 2020 ~ A change of venue today with a dawn walk up to the village and a stroll around Napton church, Windmill & Hills. It was another cloudless start with a gentle but biting north-westerly wind.

This Nuthatch at the churchyard was my 92nd 'Lockdown List' species
I was quite hopeful of picking up a Wheatear today, or If I was being a little more optimistic a Ring Ouzel or Whinchat. Unfortunately, after searching every field, hedge & post it just wasn't to be! That said, it was a very pleasant walk, with all the now established Warblers to be heard singing and a Nuthatch at the churchyard was a very welcome addition to my 'Lockdown List'.

Delighted to snap this Little-ringed Plover at the marina today.
For the second day in a row, the marina has been the most productive. This time as I was walking back to the mooring from my walk I heard the calls of a Wader, I was convinced it was a Little-ringed Plover and having finally managed to get eyes on it I fired off a dozen or so shots before the bird departed north. I was pleased to find that I was correct when I processed the photographs a short time later, a Little-ringed Plover, my 93rd 'Lockdown List' species.

Little-ringed Plover departing to the north.
I spent parts of the afternoon sky-watching but with bright sunshine and completely clear skies, it was difficult. However, an opportunity for some more flight shots, with a Buzzard and Red Kite as they drifted through.

Red Kite ~ Now a daily sight over the marina

Common Buzzard