Monday, April 13, 2020

πŸ”’ Lockdown Days 20/21

⛅️6C to start then ☀️9C ~ Wind ↙NE@14mph ~ Gusting 20mph Monday 13th April 2020 ~ A complete rest Easter Sunday from any birding, instead I enjoyed a pleasant cycle ride with Dazza in the lovely sunshine.

However, today it was back to normal with the 'Daily Lockdown Walk' to the nearby Napton Reservoir. No #nocmig recording overnight due to heavy showers and an increase in wind speed.

I estimate around 20+ House Martins amongst the hirundines this morning
It seems that the overnight rain and now blustery conditions had lit the blue touch paper when I arrived at the Reservoir. The stiff north-easterly was gusting to around 20mph and as I raised my head above the steps the place was awash with Hirundines! What had been a trickle over the previous week was now an avalanche and I estimated a mixture of some (20+) House Martins, (10+) Sand Martins and the remainder, some (70+) Swallows.

One of at least seven Yellow Wagtails today.
Along the bank, I could already make out at least three Yellow Wagtails and it wasn't until I reached the wooden bridge that I realised there was at least seven!

This Greenshank was a pleasant surprise today
As I approached the bridge I flushed a Greenshank which I'd missed and was obviously feeding along the water's edge. Fortunately, it offered the opportunity for some record flight shots before disappearing over the treeline towards the canal.

Greenshank on the move
At the reedbeds, there was another year-first with a newly arrived Reed Warbler singing and amazingly to finish the walk a group of six Wader Sp. flew through the marina as I arrived back to the boat, but I wasn't concentrating, best guess Dunlin but sadly not a tick.

It was an unprecedented morning of local birding for me and to be honest, I can't help thinking that this would not have been possible if the usual fisherman and dog walkers were here.

More Images of a Brilliant Morning....

Another of the seven Yellow Wagtails

House Martin

Yellow Wagtail