Saturday, March 28, 2009

Brandon - 28/03/09

A brief report for today at a blustery Brandon as not much has changed since my Thursday visit. Myself and Jim were joined today by Alan, another team member, who I didn't think was capable of getting up that early!! I jest Alan!
More Swallows are starting to appear after the first arrivals on Thursday, we had 2 however, a report for yesterday in the hide book had 10, which seemed a little excessive to me. Also noted in the book was a Bar Headed Goose from a very reliable source, and we were also asked by a couple of other birders if we'd seen a Long Eared Owl! When I asked why, they mentioned that a friend of theirs had a sighting yesterday, we did have a brief sortie in the area mentioned for a roosting bird but came up blank.
Worth mentioning today was an excellent count of 20+ Common Gull on East Marsh Pool, the strong wind possibly a factor, probably the best count for Common this year though, 3 Lesser Black Back were also present for a good part of the morning.
Despite regular attempts to pick up the illusive Lesser Spotted Woodpecker in Horsetail Glade, I still keep drawing a blank, only 1 sighting for me this year and it's just not good enough!! As my school report used to say, Can Do Better!
Our wading trio of Redshank, Ringed Plover and Oystercatcher are still present, and a couple of Grey Wagtails today after my single count on Thursday. We're also still picking up Redwing, Redpoll & Siskin on the reserve. I'm hopeful that our next summer arrival is imminent and I await the first song of a Willow Warbler with baited breath.
**Note to self : Put the clocks forward tonight!!