Saturday, April 17, 2010

Quick Update

Just a quick update with reference to this mornings visit to Brandon Marsh. The Avocet which was on site Thursday and Friday appears to have gone but picked up the first Cuckoo of the year, not actually calling but seen flying across East Marsh Pool at around 9.30am. Did have a further brief glimpse of the bird perched on a dead tree from Teal Pool Hide before it flew across towards Newlands.

More Sedge Warblers on site today with 3 heard singing, 2 from Newlands reed bed while standing at the 'no entry' sign and 1 on Central Marsh as you walk down the path towards Big Hide. A Grasshopper Warbler was also heard reeling from Newlands at around 7am. Whitethroats are also growing in numbers with 2 just past the Sheep Field gate behind the Gorse and 1 on the 'Tip' area.

It's amazing just looking up at the cloudless blue sky at the moment, no aircraft or con-trails, just birds! However, it does have a down side for me personally as I was hoping to go birding in Spain for several day on Tuesday!!